samedi 11 février 2017

Pretty little liars.
This is a crime thriller and a mystery TV series.
In the city of rosewood in Pennsylvania a tight group of girls becomes even more tight after the leader of their group, Alison disappears mysteriously. They then start getting texts from an anonymous person "A" that soon turn their lives more dangerous than they can imagine and threatens to ruin their lives . The girls have to work together to save their families,relationships and their own lives before it is too late and everything is ruined once for all.
I've liked this TV series, because I like suspense and mystery stories . The plot is quite intelligent and interesting. Furthermore it is perfect for teen-agers; the characters are beautiful and up to fashion. Their group is entertaining and the "A" character exciting and frightening at the same time . However the suspense is to long . On an other hand watching pretty little liars is a nice moment even if the episodes are too short to my taste . I have seen all the seasons . I really appreciate this TV series.


mercredi 23 novembre 2016

My music
 I like all things of music in general but I have some preferences . The music I like most is of course old Moroccan classical music to which I am accustomed at home since my childhood . Apart from that I prefer listening to rap music ,especially that of the three following singers called : "lartiste","l'algerino"and "jul". Lartiste and l'algerino are French from Moroccan and Algerian origins and they sing in France and Arabic at the same time , jul is French and sings in French . I like their tempo and the percussions . I like their voices which are at the same time sweet and hitting . The themes they close for their songs are at the same Time sentimental and modern . As they are young they also sing about the problems of the youth today . Their music is entertaining and very appreciated all over the world .  
Songs I prefer from jul are "tchikita" , "mon bijou", "j'oublie tout" . From lartiste I prefer "maestro " , "ciao amigo " and "amour parano" and the songs I prefer from Algerino are "si tu savais " , "banderas" and "Panama " . And you , what do you think about this king of music ?

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

- I am a Moroccan girl of sixteen, and like the most-part of young people of my age I go to school. I have a lot of friends,so I am a sociable girl. I am also a romantic girl who likes reading youth novels full of romance.   , furthermore , i would like to become a reknouned architect .
- I am very proud about the traditions of my country which are millenary and have very strong roots . The best tradition know about my country is the tradition of hospitality. Moroccans are very hospitable with all people from all countries. But what I would like to change is the bad habit of gossiping!

vendredi 1 avril 2016

Can we live in a world without technology ?

We understood it; the technology occupies a prominent place in our society. It is everywhere, we use phones to communicate quickly and we also use Internet, Gps in cars guide us , we prefer , mostly , watch the news on television, rather than reading the newspaper In short , technology is everywhere. But have you ever wondered, can we live without technology?

So, I think that we can live without technology because before our grandparents had no machinery or phone or television or GPS... if they wanted to communicate whit someone they go to him/ her. But now, everything changes people are addicted to phones (facebook, whats'app twitter...).But using technology is so dangerous we destroy ourselves , especially young people who leave homework and studies and spend their time on social networks. 

We can conclude, that the addiction to new technologies is a real problem and we must learn to detach ourselves, disconnect, limit their using and creation