vendredi 1 avril 2016

Can we live in a world without technology ?

We understood it; the technology occupies a prominent place in our society. It is everywhere, we use phones to communicate quickly and we also use Internet, Gps in cars guide us , we prefer , mostly , watch the news on television, rather than reading the newspaper In short , technology is everywhere. But have you ever wondered, can we live without technology?

So, I think that we can live without technology because before our grandparents had no machinery or phone or television or GPS... if they wanted to communicate whit someone they go to him/ her. But now, everything changes people are addicted to phones (facebook, whats'app twitter...).But using technology is so dangerous we destroy ourselves , especially young people who leave homework and studies and spend their time on social networks. 

We can conclude, that the addiction to new technologies is a real problem and we must learn to detach ourselves, disconnect, limit their using and creation